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Katja Rivas-Liebmann

School Administrator & School Photographer

Katja Rivas-Liebmann is a versatile personality with a wide range of talents. Her professional expertise as a business administrator is complemented by her passion for photography and her experience as a loving mother of two children. The years she has spent in both England and Mexico have shaped her open and cosmopolitan attitude, which is also charmingly reflected in the school office.

Within Amavida Montessori School, she takes on the important role of school administration and school secretariat. In this role, she is the invisible driving force behind the scenes, ensuring the smooth running of school operations while actively supporting the school Director.

A special highlight of the school year is Katja's artistic skills as a school photographer. In a relaxed atmosphere, she conjures up wonderful memorabilia for our students that captures the soul of Amavida Montessori School.

In addition to her professional commitments, Katja finds joy in exploring the world, preferably in exotic countries with warm climates.

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