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Montessori Pedagogy

The pedagogy that Maria Montessori developed over 100 years ago is simple, yet revolutionary, current and exceptionally relevant.


The child is the centre of attention.


The focus is not on the fulfilment of a curriculum at a certain point in time, no final tests, no compilations on topics and contents, but the individual, holistic development of the child. 

Like Maria Montessori, we assume that children want to explore the world around them. 

Through this intrinsic motivation, children learn independently and effortlessly The teachers are trained in to observe and guide the children without lecturing and testing them.


The Prepared Environment

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The Prepared Environment is a central element of Montessori education. It includes the entire school building, as well as all the people in it. 

The learning environment is clearly structured and stimulating without being cluttered, inviting the children to explore freely. There are learning materials, books, and space for experiments, and the garden also constitutes an essential part. 


Within this environment, the children are free to choose their work - needless to say, "doing nothing" is not an option...

The Teachers

Teachers are a key part of the Prepared Environment. They provide the link between the material, the current object of inquiry, and the child. As trained Montessori Teachers (ÖMG or AMI diploma), they are highly skilled in observing and supporting the children at their current level.


Maria Montessori says about the Teacher (in her time, it was exclusively women):

She must respect the child who is working without interrupting him. 

She must respect the child who makes mistakes without correcting him.

And she does this by enlivening their environment with her concern, her thoughtful silence, and her gentle word - with the presence of someone who loves.



We have deliberately chosen to have a "Big Mix," Primary 1 and Primary 2, because we have observed how well children learn from each other. This greatly enhances social learning: For example, the important qualities of consideration, understanding, politeness, and mindfulness are practiced in everyday life. 

Montessori Material

Montessori Schule Wien AMAVIDA

The unique Montessori material goes back to Maria Montessori and her son Mario. 

It enables children to occupy themselves with an object to the point of mastering it, even on an abstract level. Our own experience is testament to this concept being completely ingenious for child education.

To illustrate a specific simple example:

A child who has learned division using the appropriate practical material, distributing pearls on the division board, clearly understands what division means and is never only mechanically writing numbers on paper...

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