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Partners and Sponsors

Being a private school with no public funding, most of the costs, like salaries from qualified Montessori teachers, the great variety of Montessori materials that are fundamental for the children's learning process, the infrastructure, among others., are covered mainly by the tuition fees paid by the parents. 


Collaborations, sponsorships, and donations play an essential role in our operation. 


We sincerely thank all those who support us in different ways.


If you wish to donate or collaborate with us, please get in touch with us at  

Monarca Studios

Boutique photo studio in the heart of Vienna specialized in professional portrait photography


CT / MR Institut Hartberg

Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Osteodensitometry

CT/MR/Osteoinstitut LKH Hartberg


Living room nano aquarium or large aquascape

Wohnzimmer Nano-Aquarium oder großes Aquascape


Von Wildwuchsbeseitigung & Hochgrasmähen bis zur Entsorgung des Schnittgutes

Wildwuchsbeseitigung & Hochgrasmähen bis zur Entsorgung des Schnittgutes
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