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Before children are admitted to our school, we conduct a comprehensive interview to get to know both the children and their families better. For us, quality is more important than quantity.


Depending on the school places available, we give great importance to a balanced age mix and harmonious group dynamics. 


We reserve the right not to accept individual families and children if we feel that we cannot provide them with the best possible individual support.


How to apply

1. Inquiry                                                                                   If you are interested in a school place, please fill out our pre-registration form online.

2. Trial Day for Children                                                         At the beginning of each school year, in autumn, a trial day is held for children who aim to secure a place at Amavida Montessori School for the following school year. During this trial day, children get an insight into the daily life at a Montessori school, familiarize themselves with our materials, and most importantly, get to try out a lot of things.

This time with the children is also particularly important for our educators to observe their developmental stage and get to know them a little better.

If you are unable to attend the trial day, please contact us. We are happy to organize an alternative introduction for your child.

During this time, parents are welcome to enjoy a school tour and exchange with the Amavida team. Please refer to our blog for exact dates and registration options.

3. Admission Interview with Parents

After receiving the pre-registration form, there will be a personal parent interview. If you wish to bring your child to this interview, they are welcome to participate in the activities of the other children in the meantime. The admission interview is a prerequisite for the allocation of a school place and serves primarily for transparent communication and clarification of any questions.

The decision regarding the admission of a student is made jointly by the school management and the teaching team. Within the next few days, you will either receive a pre-contract or a notification of rejection from Amavida School.

The number of school places may vary depending on the school level and is offered subject to availability. Once the maximum number of students has been reached, we will gladly place your child on our waiting list.

Currently, pre-registrations are accepted until the school year 2027/28.

School admission takes place at the beginning of each school year in September. Children cannot be admitted during the school year.

Montessori experience
and entrants from
state schools 

Since learning at a Montessori school is very different compared to regular schools, we clarify these differences in personal conversations with the parents and with the child.


It is important to us that all parties involved know what to expect, if possible a silent observation can be agreed upon before the final decision is made.

For children starting at the 1st grade level, Montessori experience is an advantage and an important decision criterion for a school place, but not indispensable, as we consider the overall situation of each child and family. 

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