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Dorothea Marx

School Principal


Dorothea Maria Marx's roots go back to the enchanting city of Trier in southwestern Germany. In addition to high school, she was enrolled in the Conservatory of the City of Luxembourg, where she brought her talents for violin and viola to shine. She enriched various youth orchestras and chamber music ensembles with her skills. Her musical journey later led her into the world of singing, and she graced the stages of major venues with her exceptional vocal expression in a variety of roles.


Life brought Dorothea to Vienna, where she now lives with her family. Here she expanded her expertise and completed her training as a Montessori teacher at the Austrian Montessori Academy in Hütteldorf. In the role of a Montessori teacher, she again finds the fascination of telling stories - but now with different means than before on the opera stage. Together with children and young people she explores the world again and again, and it fills her with joy to accompany them on this journey of discovery.


Her heart beats for children to bring their own ideas to life and to believe in their dreams. In an atmosphere of trust and openness, she encourages them to develop their uniqueness and to trust in themselves. The art of learning and the beauty of individual development are a lifelong pursuit for Dorothea."

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