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for Children

Weekly, every Thursday, we are happy to welcome an experienced chess teacher from the Chess Pedagogy Association in AMAVIDA Montessori School. Here, chess is not only taught, but brought to life. Chess beginners as well as those who are already familiar with the rules are both welcome.
We provide each student with their own chess booklet, filled with a whole variety of practical exercises. This booklet is individually adapted to the progress of each student and serves to deepen chess skills in a fun way.

Chess Tournament

Why Chess?

The world of chess opens up multi-faceted educational enrichment for children aged six to nine. Scientific evidence confirms that playing chess leads to training skills such as concentration, patience, forward thinking and spatial imagination.
In fact, studies show that playing chess with children helps to sharpen their attention, strengthen their patience, and improve their ability to think strategically ahead. The practice of chess teaches young minds to consider the options and perspectives of their opponents and to learn valuable lessons from their own mistakes.

Course Information

Language of Instruction: German 

Cours day: Thursdays

2023 - 2024

Winter Semester

September: 14.09, 21.09, 28.09

October: 05.10, 12.10, 19.10

November: 09.11,16.11,23.11,30.11

December: 07.12, 14.12, 21.12

January: 11.01,18.01, 25.01


February: 15.02, 22.02, 29.02

March: 07.03, 14.03, 21.03

April: 04.04, 11.04, 18.04, 25.04

May: 02.05, 16.05, 23.05

June: 06.06, 13.06, 20.06

Course length: 15:30 - 16:20 

Cost per Semester: 125€ 

Chess Game
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