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Trial Day- 12th of October 2024

The trial days are an essential step in the admission process to our school and a great opportunity for children to get to know their future school.

Our next trial day will take place on October 12, 2024. Children are welcome to join us at the Montessori School AMAVIDA for a glimpse into the diverse and stimulating environment of our school between 9:30 and 11:00* AM. Prior registration is required.

During this time, children will experience a typical classroom situation and have the chance to explore the fascinating Montessori learning materials.

Our educators will work with your child to gather information about their learning and social behavior.

Before, during, or after this trial lesson, we invite parents to attend a personal parent-teacher meeting. This provides an opportunity to address any remaining questions. This open day also applies to prospective students who wish to transfer from another school.

*The number of children allowed to participate per group on the open day is limited. Depending on the number of registrations received, it may be necessary to offer an alternative date. If this is the case, new additional dates will be announced in a timely manner.

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