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Sewing course for children Creative upcycling

In this  course, we transform surplus textiles from households into useful accessories, jewelry, decorations, and experiment with fashion and more. The workshop is aimed at young artists who enjoy cutting, braiding, gluing, sewing, and crafting – all using recycled materials

Sewing Equipments


In this semester course, we use all textiles that are surplus at home to create useful accessories, jewelry, decorations, conduct fashion experiments, and much more.

This workshop is suitable for young artists. We cut, braid, glue, sew, and craft with recycled materials.

The aim of this course is to creatively manage the resources available to us and to introduce children to the concept of sustainability and the circular economy, putting it into practice.

Upcycling projects for the semester:

Macramé jewelry

Fabric collage picture

T-shirt upcycling

Flower bouquet

Christmas decoration


Children hands are making a bowl of paper, glow, balloon and brush..jpg

Sewing course for children Information

Language: German - Spanish

Course days: Wednesdays 

2024 - 2025

Winter Semester

September: 18.09, 25.09

October: 02.10, 09.10,16.10, 23.10

November: 06.11, 13.11, 20.11, 27.11

December: 04.12, 11.12, 18.12

January: 08.01, 15.01, 22.01, 29.01

Sommer Semester

February: 12.02, 19.02, 26.02

March: 05.03, 12.03, 19.03, 26.03

April: 02.04, 09.04, 16.04, 23.04, 30.04

May: 07.05, 14.05, 21.05, 28.05

June: 04.06, 11.06, 18.06

Course length: 15:00 - 16:30 

Cost per Semester: € 300

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