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Archaeology Classes

Archaeology is the scientific investigation of material remains (such as tools, ceramics, jewelry, stone walls, and monuments) from past human life and activities. Archaeologists engage in a form of detective work, piecing together and reconstructing the picture of what life looked like hundreds or thousands of years ago, bit by bit.


In this course, the students will

  • Gain an understanding of what archaeology entails from a real archaeologist

  • Virtually visit some of the world's most renowned archaeological sites

  • Learn to identify and comprehend the archaeology that is hidden all around us

  • Discover how archaeologists determine where to search for artifacts

  • Acquire knowledge about excavation techniques and the tools used

  • Witness what archaeologists do when they make discoveries

  • Engage in a fun interactive quiz at the end of the course

Alexandra-Irina Dole

Alexandra is a seasoned archaeologist and researcher with more than 15 years of experience. Her vision for this class is to connect the captivating realms of archaeology, history, and art with the younger generation. She offers distinctive classes that intertwine archaeology, history, and arts and crafts, enabling participants to interact with validated scientific knowledge while simultaneously embracing their creative sides.

Tomb of Ramose
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